Airways tower maintenance in Hokitika

Over the years Infratel has been carrying out maintenance checks for Airways on a number of their structures. One of these structures, the Hokitika NDB mast located on the West Coast of the South Island was in urgent need of re-guying and refurbishment. Once the budget was approved there was a major push to have these in time for the 2013 winter.

The paint system recommended by Infratel for the project was a Noxyde system. After a long period of dry weather, the week planned for the maintenance saw a low coming across the Tasman. This use of Noxyde allowed the project to be finished quicker than using other paint systems, and saw the project completed one day before the rain came. The Airways management was extremely happy.

The following comments are by Airways Management...

"The project went extremely well last week and the timing was perfect with the prolonged dry weather. Our management were very pleased with the restoration work on the NDB Masts, based on the pictures taken from the ground. The overall workmanship together with zero safety incidents, attributed to the professionalism and planning you guys did prior to and while engaged in the activity. I also believe it was a cost effective decision to paint the masts in situ with the NOXYDE paint. Great decision! I hope Infratel can assist us again where safe working at heights is a critical factor."

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