Manukau Civic Building water ingress issues resolved by Infratel

The proposed repairs to the multi-storey Manukau Civic Building required several approaches. Industrial rope access techniques were used for remedial work to the external face of the window frames and remedial repairs to the window sills and internal wall linings were completed from inside the building.

The works involved the removal of the existing sealant system that provided the weather seal between the existing aluminium window frame and the building structure. Our operatives gained specific training from the sealant supplier on the correct installation requirements.The works also involved the removal of internal linings and finishes and injection grouting of cracks in the concrete structure.

Following the crack repairs the area was reinstated with new internal linings, plastering and painting. The exterior window frames required the repair of some surface corrosion to the existing aluminium window frames.

There was a tight timeframe for this project as offices were being filled post Christmas. The project was completed on-time and within budget.

1. Submission of a site specific method statement for undertaking the work.
2. Submission of a site specific technical specification from the nominated injection grout supplier and confirmation of appropriate training of operatives in the installation of the product.
3. Submission of a site specific health & safety plan, including protection to the building occupants and general public.
4. Preparation of the site for the repair works, undertake the crack repairs and reinstatement.
5. Provide a Producer Statement PS3 Construction at the completion of the project.

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